Your favorite The Last of Us is different today

The Last of Us Part 1, 2 or Left Behind: We wanted to know your favorite.

Almost a year and a half ago, we wanted to know which game you like best: The Last of Us or the sequel The Last of Us Part 2? The two titles were already head-to-head races at the time, from which the first part managed to emerge as the winner by a whisker.

In the meantime, the game has received a remake with Part 1 and as a result we wanted to hear from you if your opinion has changed or if you might even prefer the Left Behind DLC. And indeed a lot has happened since the last poll.

Which The Last of Us is the best? you voted

After all 2,789 of you (since October 15) took part in our new survey. And once again the race was very tight:

  • The last of us part 2 (53%, 1,469 votes)
  • The last of us part 1 (45%, 1,260 votes)
  • Left Behind DLC (2%, 60 votes)

With a lead of just 209 votes, unlike in 2021, The Last of Us Part 2 secures victory this time around, even as the Part 1 remake has caught up with the sequel, especially in terms of graphics. However, this time around the race was extremely tight, only the DLC has to admit defeat to the main parts.

Further surveys and evaluations:

As always, we wanted to read from you in the comments what were the reasons for your decision:

  • ALEX1969: “I still think the story of the first part is the best!”
  • Durzo: “Tough question, basically I think part 1 is the game with the best story and, in my opinion, the most complete, but part 2 is clearly superior in terms of gameplay. That’s why I choose Left Behind, because in my opinion it comes in a small package summarizes everything I love about the series. “
  • cuzeng: “Part 1 was a great preparation (emotional connection with Joel and Ellie) for the great part 2.”
  • The Marco: “Part 1 is already really good, but Part 2 is even better and better for me. An uncompromising lesson in empathy, technically absolute insanity and very exciting stealth gameplay on top. One of the most intense gaming experiences ever . “
  • Thank you ._. Jasra: “I found Part 2 much more violent and well crafted in staging and therefore better. That’s why the decision was easy enough for me. But you have to say very clearly that it wouldn’t have worked without the amazing first part.”
  • Aldred: “While I somewhat avoid a simple answer, for me both games just fit together and are great together. Part 2 was perhaps the best game for me, but it just wouldn’t have worked without Part 1.”

Many of you praise the better gameplay of the second part, but also note that the game would not have taken you so emotionally without the preparatory work of the first part. Some didn’t even want to compare games with each other, preferring to rate them as a unit.

At this point we would like to thank you for your participation and for your detailed comments!

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