World premiere at the Paris Motor Show: Mercedes EQE SUV – useful and not so great

World premiere at the Paris Motor Show
Mercedes EQE SUV – useful and not so great

By Patrick Broich, Paris

At the Paris Motor Show, Mercedes presents its EQE SUV to the public for the first time. The Swabians brought the AMG version with a torque of up to 1000 Newton meters – and has already taken its place in the luxurious SUV.

Of course it had to happen that way. Today’s car customers are used to the greatest variety, and since SUVs are still among the most popular bodyshops, such a derivative was almost missing in the upper-middle class category. Mercedes chose the lavish Rodin Museum in the 7th arrondissement on the eve of the Paris Motor Show to attract the public. The center of Paris as a symbol of the seemingly urgent shift to zero-emission mobility on the one hand and the almost insatiable hunger for SUVs on the other, couldn’t be more suitable.

The AMG version is deliberately underestimated.

(Photo: Patrick Broich)

And since, at least on this platform, no electric variant of a model T (station wagon) is planned anyway, and the Untertürkheim station wagons could also be retired in the medium term (they do not want to commit to Daimler yet), the practical SUV should actually become more important than ever. Et voila.

And who says new cars are getting bigger? In any case, the brand new Mercedes SUV from the EQE series pleases with its relatively compact dimensions. It’s not that it’s small, but with a length of 4.86 meters the business-class car is more or less on par with the W210, the E-Class of the 90s. Thanks to clever packaging, the SUV is still as spacious as one would expect in this segment in 2022. It shines with landmark legroom and a first touch actually confirms awe-inspiring space conditions. The same applies to the trunk, because after folding the rear seat backrests, a volume of 1675 liters can be filled.

No roof handle for the young Mercedes SUV


The high EQE looks elegant down to the last detail.

(Photo: Patrick Broich)

And since the publisher is already sitting in the car anyway, his gaze wanders the interior looking for processing errors. Instead, there are chic gimmicks like extravagantly shaped headrests and sophisticated interior lighting. Any bet that features like the bright colors of ambient light will awaken the playful instincts of Asian customers? But if they make Europeans smile too, then everything is fine. But why are the handles above the doors missing? They are actually quite comfortable.

Of course, some of the factory specified parameters cannot be verified here and now. How long will the EQE SUV keep its promised 170 kW charging capacity? Either way, a sophisticated charge management system should bring the battery back to life and feed itself as quickly as possible. The manufacturer puts it this way: within a quarter of an hour, in the best case it should be possible to recharge a range of 220 kilometers.

Of course, this should only work if the battery charges optimally. With a charged battery (90.6 kWh), you should be able to travel 590 kilometers in the average WLTP mode, so the practical all-rounder would certainly be able to travel long distances. This may work with the basic rear-wheel drive version, but the AMG top trim will need to be connected to power first.

1000 Newton meters of torque for the top model


A thin strip of light gives the EQE SUV a touch of elegance.

(Photo: Patrick Broich)

And if there is enough power in the memory, it should go on with a bang. No electric motor in the latest Mercedes SUV produces less than 215 kW, or 292 hp in classic currency. This output is distributed to the rear axle (EQE 350+) or to both axles (EQE 350 4Matic). The EQE 500 4Matic also delivers 408 horsepower on both axles. True performance lovers should be drawn to the AMG 43 4Matic (476 hp), 53 4Matic + (626 hp) or 53 4Matic + variants with AMG Dynamic Plus package (687 hp).

Incidentally, the top version reaches a top speed of 240 km / h, which is quite rare in the world of battery-powered vehicles. The acceleration values ​​of the top model are breathtaking on paper only: with a “start function” you can temporarily recall ten percentage points more power. So the 2.6 ton truck should be able to reach 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds. Its torque is 1000 Newton meters.


Instead of the tailpipes, there are two crosspieces for the civilian version.

(Photo: Patrick Broich)

All versions are optionally available with sophisticated frame technology. This includes, for example, the air suspension in order to be able to vary as widely as possible in terms of shock absorber hardness. This also allows you to lift the frame on light ground. However, one special gem has already proved its worth in the brand’s large limousines: the rear-axle steering. With a steering angle of ten degrees, the Untertürkheim rear axle is one of those with the largest steering angle of the rear wheels. Mercedes’ promise to make the big series as easy to handle as a compact class is not an empty marketing phrase. In fact, the turning radius is reduced from 12.3 to 10.5 meters. There are also optional stabilizers with electric servomotors to compensate for roll.

It’s a bit of a shame that the time for aesthetically designed cockpits seems to be over. Even the monstrous screen with a display width of 1.41 meters, known as a “hyperscreen” in Mercedes slang, is an architecturally impressive structure and also offers some practical value. But the classic automotive style is simply missing.

If desired, the EQE SUV can be transformed into a concert hall


The Hyperscreen MBUX has a style defining effect on the interior design.

(Photo: Patrick Broich)

Is there anything else? It goes without saying that the EQE SUV has so many electronic assistants and functions that you can’t tackle them in a few hours. It’s reassuring to know that the army of safety-related features that is common to Mercedes today is on board. Of course, the EQE also accelerates and brakes in the 1.69 meter high version with assistance in numerous cases to avoid accidents.

The electronics also ensure acoustic well-being – if you want to spend money on this option, you can enjoy flawless 4D music sound from 31 speakers in the EQE SUV. Incidentally, those who previously feared having to give up their discretion with a visit to a workshop or hotel via the valet parking service due to excessive data processing today (navigation system and Co.) can be quiet. For example, depending on the activated mode, the last targets are blocked.

And the fear that the newly acquired luxury ship will soon have to be found as a piece of wreckage only after the young man is exhausted – even passé. There is a position for inexperienced drivers where power and speed can be limited.

Mercedes is still silent on prices, but just under 80,000 euros should be calculated. For the top model, depending on the equipment, well over 100,000 euros are certainly not unrealistic. Incidentally, the first customer deliveries will begin in the middle of next year. There is still a little while, but as we all know, waiting is the greatest joy.

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