Who are the two new free games worth for?

The month of horror has arrived and the Epic Games Store already offers free games to get you in the spirit of Halloween. It’s not the horror games though, it’s more the setting that matters Vacation fits.

The most important key data for games can be found here:

  • Rise of Hell: In the vertical platformer, you will be taken to the depths of hell from which you must escape. If you die, you lose most of your progress. So Rising Hell is a roguelite.
  • Killed: Return from Hell: Here you will also find yourself in hell, but this time without roguelite, but with puzzle elements. Mostly, however, the demons continue to be beaten, while the groovy music underscores your bloody deeds.

As always, the offer is valid for exactly seven days and ends October 13 at 5pm. If you want to take the games directly, the following link will take you to the promotion. If you’d rather know more about titles, read on.

To action

This is what you can expect from Rising Hell

Rising Hell - The fighting game that takes us back to the days of video slots


Rising Hell – The fighting game that takes us back to the days of video slots

Let’s take a short quiz: I describe a game to you and you can guess the title. The wanted game is a roguelite from the last two years in which you try to escape from hell. You make your way through all kinds of demons. If you die, you have to go back up again, but hell is procedurally generated and changes with each run.

The solution is, drum roll please: Rising Hell! Okay, that’s probably not a big surprise, but Hades may also have been celebrated. It looks very similar on paper, although the style of the games is clearly different.

Another similarity is also fan feedback: Rising Hell is doing very well on Steam with 91% positive reviews. Sure, Hades is a little more popular with a whopping 98 percent and has nearly a thousand times more ratings. We were also more than impressed in our Hades test:

A masterpiece of action RPG


Hades on trial

A masterpiece of action RPG

In Rising Hell you do not play the son of Hades, but many different characters that you can unlock. They not only differ in appearance, but also in gameplay. Obviously, boss fights against demons such as Belzebub and companions should not be missing either.

Who might be interested in Rising Hell?

Most importantly, you should of course be able to befriend platformers that come in pixel style. If you like rock and metal, that would be a big plus too. Music accompanies you throughout the game. Last but not least, a bit of resistance to frustration is an advantage – after all, thanks to the roguelite mechanics, you start over almost from the beginning every time you die.

This is in Slain: Back From Hell

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If your metal heart hasn’t been pumping often enough to the beat of the drums lately, then you should pay attention to Slain: Back From Hell. The Castlevania-style game soundtrack runs one heavy metal track after another.

The style of the game is too full of tributes to the works of art from classic metal albums. Otherwise, you’ll crash into bloody skeletons, monsters, and other opponents in the usual arcade fashion.

Metal: Hellsinger, another video game entirely dedicated to metal culture, was recently released. In the shooter you have to shoot in time. You can see what it looks like in the following game trailer:

Metal: Hellsinger: Here is 3 minutes of shooter gameplay


Metal: Hellsinger: Here is 3 minutes of shooter gameplay

Who should try Slain: Back from Hell?

It is relatively obvious that Metal fans in particular will find delight here. If you are not familiar with the genre of music, you will probably have a hard time with Slain: Back from Hell.

What do you think of this week’s free games on the Epic Games Store? Are you going to try out the titles while banging your hair down on the screen while headbanging, or would you rather wait for the next batch of free games? Write it in the comments!

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