Werder Bremen: Why Niklas Stark was preferred to Amos Pieper!

Sinsheim – There is a well-known saying that you should never change a winning team. And Ole Werner also stuck to this English motto “Never change a winning team”. In the away match at TSG Hoffenheim (2-1), the SV Werder Bremen manager sent out exactly the same starting eleven he had started against Borussia Mönchengladbach (5-1) just under a week earlier. What suffered was Amos Pieper, who actually should have returned to the starting lineup after surviving a yellow card disqualification: his performance during previous appearances had been too good and too consistent. But now Niklas Stark has played again, which gives the defensive competition an extra edge. And it gave the coach another torment in choosing the staff.

“At the end of the day, I can only make the right decision for the team because I know I’m putting someone on the line who will do well no matter who I choose,” he explained. Ol Werner. “But I can only make the wrong decision about what’s out because it doesn’t really deserve to be out.” This is exactly what happened Amos Pieper. The 24-year-old has done many things well this season, the defensive of the SV Werder Bremen given a certain stability. Unlike the competition Nicola Stark found his way into the Bremen system soon after moving to Weser and gave the game a major boost from that point on. The only drawback was the five yellow cards collected. Stark knew how to take advantage of the ensuing forced pause. “I wanted to reward him for his performance last week because it was very, very good, especially in the first half and of course you always have to have an argument to eliminate someone,” explained Werner, who made it clear that there are also unpleasant moments in the game. his job. “It was a difficult decision,” said the 34-year-old, “I also told Amos.”

Werder Bremen: strong Niklas Stark has ousted Amos Pieper from starting XI for the moment

Amos Pieper also had to watch for a long time, only in the recovery time when Werder Bremen wanted to take the narrow lead to the finish line with all his might, he was replaced by Christian Groß. The former Herthan Nicola Stark started for the second time in a row, Bremen won again at the end. Not the worst side effect for the 27-year-old. “Niklas played well today too,” praised Werner. “He had a lot of grip and had clear possession of the ball.”

So for the moment Nicola Stark the nose in front. Yet Werder Bremen The coach has made it known that nothing is set in stone when it comes to training. “We are entering a tight pace of play now. Everyone has to be ready,” he said Ol Werner before the final sprint until the World Cup break, which begins in mid-November. It’s actually a short time, but a lot can still happen before then. Sometimes it can even go quite fast. Who would know better than Amos Pieper. Only the direction, which should be different from his point of view. (mbu)

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