Update 1.24 released with changelog

Polyphony Digital has released an update to version 1.24 for “Gran Turismo 7”. This fixes a bug that could hinder progress.

Gran Turismo 7 players can download another update that updates the racing title. There are no new features this time. Rather, developer Polyphony Digital is focusing on troubleshooting the patch.

Fixed an issue that could hamper progress in Gran Turismo 7 with Update 1.24. Because a crash has repeatedly plagued some players at some point.

Change log for GT7 update 1.24

Application error / progress block

  • We fixed an issue where the app crashed on the rewards and ratings screen of certain Race Events, preventing further progression.

He gives more Change log not hereso the update seems to focus mainly on this serious bug.

In any case, there was no update with new vehicles and routes this week, as content updates are generally released in the last week of a month.

As a result, the update with the number 1.23 was made available only a few days ago. The content is impressive. Because there were three new vehicles on board, including Nissan Silvia K’s Type S (S14) ’94, Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Spyder and Volkswagen ID.R ’19.

The cafe has received new menus, the world routes have been expanded with new events, the scapes have been replenished and not even the livery editor has been overlooked. There were also all kinds of improvements and optimizations that were made in the The change log for update 1.23 is listed and described.

Other news about Gran Turismo 7:

Gran Turismo 7 was released in March 2022 for PS4 and PS5. While the gameplay was compelling from the start, the credit allocation combined with the high prices of numerous vehicles initially caused frustration. Sony subsequently updated the distribution.

The next big appearance could be “GT7” on the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset, although there is no official announcement yet. Since “Gran Turismo Sport” also got the VR treatment, the chances are good.

More news on Gran Turismo 7.

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