Union Berlin manage the club’s first Europa League win in Malmö history with a man down

1. FC Union took the top three points in the Europa League. However, Malmö’s victory was overshadowed by a pyrotechnic chaos that led to a long hiatus in the game.

1. FC Union Berlin clinched their first ever win in club history in the Europa League. At the Swedish champions Malmö FF, the Berliners won 1-0 (0-0) with a goal from Sheraldo Becker. Play was temporarily halted for nearly half an hour after firecrackers were thrown onto the pitch by both fan camps.

Accompanied by the choreography and lit fireworks of the home fans, both teams took to the field at the Eleda Stadion in Malmö. For the 14,000 spectators, however, there were no fireworks to see on the pitch. The Union stayed in the back and hid for counterattacks, while the home team relied on ball possession and tried to combine again and again through Köpenick’s defense, which they managed to do in part. So they got the first really good chance of the match with Joseph Ceesay, who didn’t hit the ball correctly and didn’t cause major problems for Union goalkeeper Frederik Rönnow (16 ‘).

The game then went a bit further and was relatively unspectacular. Then the Bundesliga leaders got into the game better and had two great chances to score: first, Sheraldo Becker prevailed on a fast break on the right, but Malmö goalkeeper Ismael Diawara saved safely in the near corner (27th). . Ten minutes later, Becker serves as a coach and, after a cross, puts the ball behind for teammate Janik Haberer, who shoots just over the goal (37 ‘).

Shortly before the break then the shock for the Berliners. After an individual error, Andras Schäfer was the last man to miss the ball on the center line. Malmö captain Anders Christiansen reacted at the speed of light and sprinted for the goal alone. To stop him the Union midfielder had only a tactical foul, for which he rightly saw the red card.

The evening took a bad turn in the 57th minute. After a rocket flew onto the pitch from the direction of the Union block and a firework exploded in front of the visitors’ block, referee Halil Umut Meler stopped play for the time being. The fireworks were then also launched onto the pitch from the home grandstand, which resulted in both teams being sent to the changing rooms. Only after the announcements at the stadium by officials of both clubs, the game resumed after a break of 27 minutes.

And the 1. FC Union is back on the pitch furious. After a long pass by defender Robin Knoche from his own half, Sheraldo Becker used his enormous speed and left his opponent standing. In the duel with the goalkeeper Diawara keeps his nerve and turns into an unsustainable shot in the left corner for the advantage (68 ‘). Shortly thereafter Janik Haberer even scored a second goal on the foot, but this time narrowly missed the Malmö goalkeeper (72 ‘).

After that, the Berliners did a really good job with a man down and defended their lead with confidence. At the end of an eventful evening of football, Köpenicker took home the first three Europa League points in the club’s history, although the joy was overshadowed by the events in the stands.

Broadcast: rbb24, October 6, 2022, 6:00 pm

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