The graphics on PS4 are compared to that of The Last of Us

“The Callisto Protocol” should also look impressive on PS4. In an interview, Mark James, technical director of Striking Distance Studios, explained the background and plotted a comparison with “The Last of Us”.

While it is likely that many players have already made it to the next generation of consoles, “The Callisto Protocol” will also be released for the next generation PS4 and Xbox One systems.

On older platforms, game buyers have to make some compromises. However, Striking Distance Studios believe that the last-gen version of “The Callisto Protocol” doesn’t have to hide and it also cuts a good figure compared to blockbusters like “The Last of Us”.

“You will see a drop in quality. But yeah, we’ve compared it to some of the latest generation hit titles, like The Last of Us and so on. We are above average in these areas as well. Because if you start from a really good capture source, you can always reduce the rendering. ” according to Marco GiacomoTechnical Director of Striking Distance Studios.

It is not entirely clear what “The Last of Us” refers to, although the interviewer assumes, based on the context, that James is referring to the PS4 version of “The Last of Us Part 2” and not the PS4 remaster of PS3 – Relative debut game.

Some of the most beautiful characters

However, the “really good source of acquisition” was elaborated: “We have some of the most beautiful characters in the business and I agree with the way we’re doing it. Start with recording the actors in a way that makes it very easy. represent physical information on the interaction of light in the game “.

In the first phase of development, a 360-degree recording of Josh Duhamel, who embodies the protagonist, was made using OLAT (an acronym for One Light at a Time) technology. This recording was then reproduced using rendering until there were no more differences from the original. And with this basic data, even the last-gen versions could be optimized.

According to James, “Before you even think about how you want to portray the actors in the game, you need to invest in recording technology.”

Regardless, gamers on the latest generation consoles will forgo certain features. In this context we can mention the DualSense functions, which are used only on PS5. And even within the game, an innovation of the current generation will be evident by its absence: “No ray tracing for the last generation, return to the old techniques,” continues James.

Other news about the Callisto Protocol:

Players will soon be able to see the result for themselves: “The Callisto Protocol” will be released on December 2, 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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