The big Dragonflight pre-event is known – these rewards are available

The Dragonflight pre-event in World of Warcraft could be tested. We reveal what rewards await.

A few days ago the Dragonflight pre-event was tested on the PTR, which will soon be playable also in the live version of World of Warcraft. Many testers took a close look at the event and wowhead colleagues have already discovered all the rewards.

The short version is: All over the world there are elemental attacks that need to be stopped.

What is this pre-event? During the pre-event, four different areas will have regular elemental attacks. These are relatively simple in structure and are clearly marked on the world map. There are a total of 4 bonded elemental attack positions:

  • The northern arid: the Earth
  • Tirisfal Glades: Fire
  • Ungoro Crater: Storm
  • Contaminated area: water

As long as the event is active, various primalists will appear in the areas. At regular intervals a small boss will appear, which will strengthen all primalists with the appropriate element when it arrives. As long as the mobs are reinforced, this “Primal Essence” will fall. This essence is the event currency that you can use to purchase various rewards from the seller.

The elemental invasion of the wasteland. Image source: wowhead

The boss is not attackable at first, but is protected by an elemental shield. The shield collapses when a total of 100 primalists are killed in the area. The boss then releases a greater amount of essence and sometimes a piece of equipment.

On the PTR, bosses spawned approximately every 30 minutes.

What are the rewards? The main reward is the equipment sets that you can get during the event. This is perfect for equipping boys and second characters for Dragonflight.

However, the sets also attract attention, particularly the cymbal set is a classic “knight’s armor”. You can see the sets here on the wowhead pictures:

If you are missing the sets, you don’t have to worry: optically they are the normal Dragonflight “mission sets”, only in a different color scheme.

Is there more than the equipment? If the equipment that loses value a few days later is not an incentive, you can also take advantage of the secondary rewards of the event.

There is a new toy for collectors, the Bag of Furious Winds. The toy opens a bag that pulls any small animals nearby for ten seconds in the best way of a vacuum cleaner. With a 30-minute cooldown, the toy is rarely used. You can purchase it from the event vendor (Stormwind Harbor or Durotar Harbor) for 100 Primeval Essence.

Anyone who wants something “forever” should get the heroic feat – it’s a special achievement only available during the pre-event. To get the Against the Elements achievement, all you need to do is defeat a primal boss in all four zones. It should be done quickly enough.

Finally, there’s a new heirloom trinket to put together. All elemental bosses can drop a component, of which you eventually need all 4 variants. You can then combine them into a new trinket that not only provides primary stats, but also has the ability to deal elemental damage and empower nearby allies.

When does the event take place? The exact duration of the event is not yet clear. However, pre-events typically take place 2-4 weeks before a new expansion is released. As a result, the event could start as early as next week from October 26th. However, there is no fixed date yet.

Are you excited for the Dragonflight pre-event? Or do you think it sounds rather unconvincing? Let us know in the comments!

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