That’s how Mick Schumacher’s accident happened!


Friday in analysis

It is already 22:00 in Suzuka, and with that we say goodbye for today. Finally, there is a reference to our great analysis with Kevin Scheuren and Stefan Ehlen.

For almost an hour, the two also talked today about the most important topics of the day. The program was as follows:

– Is the Mercedes shape real?
– Mick Schumacher crashes during free practice on Friday
– What does Vettel make in Suzuka
– The new Ferrari underbody
– Alfa Romeo in the top 10 after the update
– Tire test canceled, but training still extended
– Latifi: Wrong turn at the chicane!

Here we continue tomorrow as usual with a new ticker edition. A quick look at the most important Saturday times (CEST):

05:00 FT3
8:00 am: Qualifications

The PK of the team leaders is already scheduled for 2:30. Of course, tomorrow during the day we will also present the most important statements here in the ticker.

Happy Friday, have fun with our analysis and tomorrow!

Analysis: This is how Mick Schumacher’s accident happened!

video loading in progress …

Formula 1 Friday at Suzuka in the analysis: how Mick Schumacher fell, what is he doing now and whether the Mercedes form from training is real!

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“Productive Friday” for Ferrari

Lots of rain, but still Carlos Sainz reveals: “We were able to learn a few things in these wet conditions. So overall it was a productive Friday.” The teammate sees it the same way.

“In terms of performance, it was a good first day on the track overall,” said Charles Leclerc, who also knows: “Tomorrow’s weather should be very different from today. That’s why FT3 will be an important session for we”.

There you have to “adjust to the conditions as quickly as possible” to prepare for qualifying. Because according to the current state, this will be dry.


A ride to Suzuka

Over the decades we have seen a lot of footage aboard Suzuka. But this is new: for the first time we can accompany Fernando Alonso on a tour of Japan thanks to his helmet camera!

Unfortunately “only” one lap in the wet, but still.


special helmet

And another special helmet design this weekend! Will it bring luck to Alexander Albon? He needed it after he had to be injured in Monza and then fell out of the race in Singapore …


Ferrari: the new underbody for Suzuka

Yesterday we talked about the new Ferrari underbody here in the ticker. Meanwhile, our technical experts have already made a first analysis!

Their observation: changes have been made to the floor reinforcements, the design of the underbody and no doubt the flexibility of some points of the underbody.

The full analysis is here!

Photo: F1: Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka) 2022


Haas: The goal remains seventh in the World Championship

Most recently in Singapore, the US team lost seventh in the World Championship and are now three points behind Aston Martin. “We have been P7 in the Constructors’ Championship for most of the year,” said Kevin Magnussen, who is therefore eager to regain that position.

It would be “really cool” to finish seventh after Haas has had some tough years. But the Dane also knows: “It’s tough because we are struggling to score points at the moment.”

The last points for Haas were at Spielberg in July. However, Magnussen sees “a chance” for seventh place and explains optimistically: “There are some routes that should be better for us”.

However, in the World Championship there is also the risk of slipping to ninth place behind AlphaTauri. The Red Bull sibling team has already tied with Haas in Singapore on points.


Pole position in German hand

Before tomorrow’s qualifying, this is an exciting statistic I just found in our extensive database: Since 1994, Suzuka’s pole has gone to a driver who is not German seven times!

Michael Schumacher has been on pole eight times since, Sebastian Vettel five times, three poles have gone to Nico Rosberg and one to Ralf Schumacher. He achieves 17 German poles in the last 24 Suzuka races.

Not a bad quote …


The most creative and devoted fans …

? By the way, there is also a short video from Japan here! We’ve been lost in the past two years, haven’t we?

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