Sports program presenter experiences Cretan nightmare with family up close: video of the storm is released

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Crete was hit by one of the worst storms in a long time over the weekend. On the way to the holidays, René Kindermann and his family also had moments of anxiety.

Munich – Time goes crazy again. While Germany can expect a brief summer revival in the middle of autumn, Crete’s holiday paradise is drowning in flash floods. And a German celebrity is caught with her family in the midst of this violent storm on the island that belongs to Greece.

Sports program presenter René Kindermann wanted to relax for a few more days in the warm south with his wife Katja and children before reporting on various sports competitions for ARD this winter season and then traveling from a snowy place to a snowy place. But instead of the sun and blue skies, the family experienced the magnitude of one of the most violent autumn storms in generations on the outward flight.

This holiday started off as anything but relaxed: ARD journalist René Kindermann and his family got caught up in the violent autumn storm in Crete. © IMAGO / Martin Hoffmann

ARD moderator experienced the storms of Crete: “Two failed attempts to land in Heraklion”

the image quotes Katja Kindermann’s description of the turbulent minutes: “After two failed attempts to land in Heraklion and several vomit-filled bags, our plane was finally diverted to Chania. From there we drove to Heraklion.

Vehicles that were run over by debris and landslides were seen everywhere along the route. A real nightmare.

The sports journalist posted a video on Instagram documenting the extent of the storm. Flood masses are picked up from a building and down a parapet. Brown water rushes between the houses, taking some cars with it. The clip apparently recorded on Saturday is titled: “Crete yesterday – what a tragedy October 15, 2022”.

Storm in Crete also caught the ARD sports journalist: “The water went crazy fast”

“People were completely surprised, the water came insanely fast,” the Kindermanns reported, according to the tabloid. The family was well accommodated, but towels were still laid out in the hotel to seal windows and doors.

According to the responsible governor, Stavros Arnaoutakis, the “worst storm of the last 100 years” has now passed, but for the moment the devastation has remained. Within an hour, the same amount of rain as expected throughout October is said to have fallen.

Tidal waves wash away a car
Water as far as the eye can see: René Kindermann posted these recordings on his Instagram channel. © Instagram / @ rene_kindermann

Crete caught in a violent storm: only water on the beach instead of sunbeds

Kindermann summarized the situation as follows: “The rain has stopped, but there is still enough wind”.

It is to be hoped that the situation will improve quickly. Not just for vacationers who want to enjoy sun, sand and sea. But above all for locals who fear for their possessions. (mg)

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