So you get more gaming performance

There are new tips from Microsoft. The company has posted a post on how to get more gaming performance out of your PC. However, there may be a problem.

Microsoft uses virtualization in Windows 11 for scenarios such as “Hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI)”, also known as memory integrity, and Virtual Machine Platform (VMP). VMP provides central virtual machine services for Windows. Memory integrity prevents attackers from injecting their own malicious code and ensures that all drivers loaded into the operating system are signed and trusted. It is enabled by default on all new Windows 11 devices.

Through ongoing testing and user feedback, Microsoft has determined that performance degradation may occur in some scenarios and configurations of gaming devices when Memory Integrity and VMP are enabled.

Windows gives users the ability to configure their PCs to suit their specific needs, including the ability to enable and disable Windows features such as memory integrity and VMP. Gamers who appreciate performance have the option to disable these features while playing and re-enable them after playing. However, when they are turned off, the device can be vulnerable to threats.

Disabling Memory Integrity

  1. To select Start enter “Core Isolation” in the system tray and select Core insulation from the list of results to open the Windows Security app.
  2. On the Primary Isolation page, turn off the switch for integrity of memory. You may need to restart your device. Main Isolation Settings Page with Memory Integrity Switch

Disabling the virtual machine platform (VMP)

  1. To select Start enter “Windows Features” in the search box and select Turn Windows features on or off from the list of results.
  2. In the newly opened Windows Features window, find and deselect Virtual machine platform. Windows features window with the virtual machine's Platform folder displayed
  3. Select OK. You may need to restart your device.

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