Sindelfingen Wine Walk: Shopping and Wine Pleasure – Böblingen

One or two dance interludes were also well received. Photo: Press photo by Eibner / Dimi Drofitsch

The fifth wine walk in Sindelfingen brought the atmosphere to the city center. A fashion show presented new trends in clothing and eyewear designs – and the range of wines also delighted visitors.

There may be veritas in vino, but there should be no water. Since the weather gods showed no mercy last Friday and regularly rained some rain on Sindelfingen, the outdoor wine tasting didn’t work. However, the wine walk, which took place for the fifth time, led numerous visitors through the city center – from Böblinger Straße to the Domo, through the Old Town and the Planie, to the market square, Grünen Platz and Wettbachstraße.

The GHV freelance stand on the Green Square offered a good compromise, where two large umbrellas offered decent protection from the rain. Carola Klein of the specialty store for women’s and men’s fashion said: “Actually, the outdoor running red carpet was planned for our fashion show. But as the weather forecast was reliable, we switched to Robert Klotz in the business premises. “There, a curved staircase leads from the first floor to the ground floor, which the models could use to present the fashion. Mayor Bernd Vöhringer also spoke at the opening:” I am delighted with the initiative of the city center shops , we in the city support them in the best possible way, “he explained. And he pointed to the next big event in the city center, the Advent huts on Wettbachplatz on November 4. Jan Gaiser from City Marketing then moderated the show that Klein and Klotz had set up, accompanied by lively music.

Indoor and outdoor fashion convinces

Professional models from the Leipzig agency Effenberg initially presented bold outdoor fashion that combines chic colors with weather protection. They also showed warm indoor clothes with spiky colors. The dominant colors were blue, ocher and orange. A young man who presented his outfit with virtuous contortions in a hip-hop or break-dance style aroused a particular enthusiasm: clothing with a sporty touch can hardly be presented more effectively. The event was attended, among others, by the photographic studio Frick, Intersport Klotz, the united freelancers, Mode Klein, Röhm, Irene Georgi and the optician Mezger. Among the best wineries in Württemberg were Aldinger, Bottwartalwinzer, Schneidmann, Wörwag, Manz, Haidle and Untertürkheim wineries.

New trends in eyewear fashion

Designer Roberto Pianu made sure the models were appropriate. Henning Mezger said of the new eyewear trends: “The panto shape of the hip is oval-round and is particularly popular, as are the clear plastics and glasses that are already produced with 3D printers.”

The rain and probably Corona had certainly prevented some people from taking part in the event. However, the organizers were satisfied. Carola Klein: “Our business premises aren’t the size of a supermarket anyway, so we were very happy with the number of customers.” Robert Klotz is also satisfied: “A glass of wine creates a relaxed atmosphere, the sales character is less important than social networks. The character of the conversations between us and the customer is very pleasant, it takes place on a different level, so to say”.

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