Signal becomes more “social”: Stories for Messenger contacts

Current beta releases reveal this: Signal is getting a Stories feature, as already known from other messengers. Text, images and videos can be shared with contacts. Recipients do not receive these messages directly in individual chats, but recall posts via their own tab. The function is well suited, for example, to distribute envious photos of your vacation to the circle of friends without annoying the individual too much.

This makes Signal a bit more of a social network. Although the messenger already scored with nice features and, for example, the different green colored competition reaction emojis were ahead until recently, some WhatsApp users may have missed the stories a lot.

In Signal you will be able to share a post – at least according to the current status – on the one hand as a “private story” with selected contacts, on the other hand as a group story with a group. In addition to group members and address book contacts, you can also show your stories to those you’ve written to in an individual chat.

Signal has (unfortunately) copied the short viewing time of a post from the contest: the story disappears 24 hours after publication. This counts as one of the tricks developers use to lure their users into apps. If you don’t want to miss anything, you need to check the card at least once a day to see if friends have posted anything new. And the creator is drawn to the app to see who viewed his post. This doesn’t leave everyone cold, curiosity can lead to uncontrolled behavior or even addiction.

If you don’t want to be seduced or basically don’t want to do anything with social posts, you can, unlike WhatsApp, disable the new function in Signal.

The developers point out that the stories are also end-to-end encrypted. Security is generally an important advantage of Signal: not only are the chats encrypted, but the messenger also tries to reduce the metadata to protect the interlocutor. Messages are carried as a letter with no sender on the envelope. In our comparison with WhatsApp, Telegram, iMessage and others, Signal turned out to be the recommended option. Edward Snowden also uses Messenger.

The developers have not announced when the new version of Signal will be released. Currently, only beta testers for the Android 5.52 app and the iOS 5.57 app can tell stories with each other.


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