Players should have fun even if they lose

from Jonathan Duro
Dwarf Fortress is extremely difficult to learn, which makes it even easier to lead your kingdom to the fall. So that even beginners can enjoy losing, the Steam version of the colony simulation will offer a tutorial.

As fascinating as Dwarf Fortress is, beginner friendly is certainly not a term the community associates with complex simulation. This is expected to change soon with the release of the Steam version. At least in part, because even with the fully remastered version, the realms of the dwarves will still drop in rank, but Bay 12 Games wants to make sure everyone has a good time. To make this possible, Dwarf Fortress will have a Steam tutorial with a small update.

Dwarf Fortress receives a tutorial

In Dwarf Fortress, players can immerse themselves in a fully simulated world where individuals, cultures and entire civilizations thrive and vanish in the ether of time. Not only does it look complicated, it is. To alleviate this complexity a bit, a tutorial is currently in development which is being tested by a developer’s wife. This has no experience with development strategy games and is therefore ideal for the job. So far she has apparently only managed to dig under a swamp and flood her castle. But she at least had fun doing it, and that’s what the developers are aiming for.

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Aside from the tutorial, there will be a whole host of other tweaks that will make Dwarf Fortress a more enjoyable experience. The developers have already simplified the nebulous keyboard commands of the original version. Of course, the most surprising thing is the optics. Instead of the unattractive matrix, events will soon be presented in pixel optics. Dwarf Fortress does not yet have a release date on Steam, but it is said to be sooner than many people think. If you want, you can also continue playing the free version with ASCII optics and without tutorials.

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