New juror Leony protects the boards

Singer and juror Leony has her own take on Dieter Bohlen’s style on “DSDS”.Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Carla Hermel

Filming is currently underway on the 20th and final season of “DSDS”. Leony, Pietro Lombardi, Katja Krasavice and Dieter Bohlen are part of the jury after a year of disqualification. The show’s nineteenth season was the first without him, as RTL is said to have planned to become more family-friendly. Bohlen’s comments, some of them very condescending, therefore had no place in the program, after which the quotas fell with the new jury.

Dieter Bohlen returned promptly. Compared to “Bunte”, the new juror Leony has now talked about working with him and has also clarified her vision of Bohlen’s style.

Leony protects Dieter Bohlen

Leony, whose real name is Leonie Burger, was personally brought to the show by Bohlen. The two have previously worked together on a cover of Modern Talking’s hit “Brother Louie”. The singer has also made music with famous artists such as Capital Bra, Sido, Finch, Kontra K and her new colleague Katja Krasavice. Additionally, she reached number five on the German charts with her radio hit “Remedy”.

Now he said about Bohlen that he was “super nice” in private. In addition, of course, he has an open and honest manner, the singer pointed out:

“Dieter is Dieter, of course, he’s just open and honest, which some people can’t stand, whether it’s Dieter or someone else.”

He further defended the pop titan by pointing out that he has been like this for twenty years. Candidates should know and be prepared that “Dieter will bring one or the other saying”. However, “he also got kinder,” Leony explained.

“DSDS” has long been criticized

Dieter Bohlen, “DSDS” and the RTL broadcaster have often been criticized for deliberately demeaning people on television for quotas. Particularly widespread is the accusation that “DSDS” deliberately chooses bad singers and sometimes personalities who deviate from the ideal of beauty for television casting. For this, candidates were first suggested to have talent.

In front of the camera and the television jury, they were then sent away with offensive slogans to amuse the audience. Dieter Bohlen not only described the singing performance, but also the appearance of the participants as “shit”.

Leony knows what it’s like to be on a talent show

Leony saw things a little differently. Regarding her previous experience with “DSDS”, the singer said she had “great candidates, great singers and great characters, of course”. Everything is “very funny” and the jury laughs a lot.

He also knows what it’s like to take part in a casting show, having won the RTL show “Rising Star” with his band Unknown Passenger in 2014. That’s why she’s sorry even if sometimes “she has to blow up her dream of a musical career”:

“Of course, at the time it was also a big dream of mine to become a musician or a singer. It’s the same for everyone who was with us now, and of course sometimes it hurts when you have to blow it up.”

On the other hand, you can also help many people realize this dream, Leony pointed out.


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