Mayor and 17 other people killed

B.Gunmen killed the mayor and 17 other people in a small town in southern Mexico. The attack took place in San Miguel Totolapan, as the Attorney General of the State of Guerrero, Sandra Valdovinos, confirmed to the television channel Milenio in the evening. Local crime syndicate Los Tequileros was likely behind the attack, as reported by several newspapers. The background to the crime initially remained unclear.

In a video released on social media, the alleged members of the group claimed to have returned to the city of 24,000 people to conduct their criminal business. After the crime, the attackers blocked the access routes to the town hall with buses and trucks for hours to prevent the passage of the security forces. The facade of the town hall had several bullet holes.

Among the victims were the mayor’s father, two bodyguards and the director of the city police. “The ferocious attacks on the mayor and city council officials will not go unpunished,” Governor Guerrero Evelyn Salgado tweeted.

Mexico is experiencing a spiral of violence. Drug cartels and other criminal groups are numerous, often linked to corrupt politicians and security forces, and vying for control of the territories. Last year, an average of 94 murders per day were recorded in the North American country with about 126 million inhabitants.

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