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Solidarity with women in Iran |

Movie stars cut their hair

She was killed for not wearing the veil. Now celebrities show solidarity with Mahsa Amini († 22) and all protesters in Iran who no longer want to accept the misogynist violence of the mullahs.

The death of Mahsa Aminitaken on 13 September in a street in the capital Tehran She was arrested for not wearing a headscarf and died three days later of a skull injury and brain hemorrhage, sparking a wave of protests.

Since then, brave women have taken to the streets every day in Tehran, tearing off their veils, cutting their hair and risking their lives. The act of cutting her hair is going around the world and even famous women are showing their solidarity with oppressed women in Iran.

“For freedom,” explains French actress Juliette Binoche (58, “Chocolat”) simply as she cuts a large lock of hair with scissors in front of the camera.

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The Oscar winner released a video together with colleagues Marion Cotillard (47, “La vie en rose”), Isabelle Huppert (69, “Elle”) and Charlotte Rampling (76), as well as Belgian singer Angèle (26), which draws attention to the devastating and misogynistic situation in Iran.

All the stars drop their hair, accompanied by the musical sounds of the Italian protest song “Bella ciao” in Farsi. The clip was shared on social media with the hashtag #HairForFreedom. Singer Jane Birkin (75) and her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg (51) are also part of the campaign.

Marion Cotillard also cut a thread in solidarity

Photo: Soutien Femmes Iran / Marion Quantin / AP

Comic book character Marge Simpson also said goodbye to her blue hair in solidarity. Outside the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Milan hangs a mural by street artist Alexsandro Palombo titled “The Cut”, showing Marge Simpson cutting her iconic head of blue hair.

Ten years ago, the broadcast of The Simpsons, in Iran the sale of yellow toys (including Barbie) was prohibited. Reason: all this would ruin the morale of young Iranians.

A passer-by stops in front of the mural by artist Alexsandro Palombo in Milan

Marge without her famous hair. A passer-by stops in front of the mural by artist Alexsandro Palombo in Milan

Photo: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS

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