Just minor violations of the budget ceiling?


Verstappen does not believe in walking like in Spa

Charles Leclerc said in the PK that the Suzuka track was similar to that of Spa, where Max Verstappen took a sovereign victory this year. “Yes, but on this track you drive with a slightly lower downforce than in Spa”, adds Verstappen himself.

Aside from that, the paths are actually quite similar. “But to be honest, I don’t expect the same scenario”, he points out, because: “We just had a great weekend at Spa and we hit the spot with the set-up.”

Other teams couldn’t have done it. “So I don’t think this weekend will necessarily be like Spa again.” Already in Monza it was evident that Ferrari was again closer.

Furthermore, Ferrari is always difficult to beat in qualifying, regardless of the track. Then the hypothesis of him: “It will be very tight, certainly much tighter than in Spa”. Especially as time could play a role again …


Hamilton on the future: I must stay!

The record champion will turn 38 in a few months, but the end of his Formula 1 career is not yet upon us. “I’m not going to leave anytime soon,” said Hamilton, whose current Mercedes contract runs until the end of 2023.

“I’m going to be with Mercedes for the rest of my life,” Hamilton said. The only question that remains open is how long he himself will actively take the wheel for the Silver Arrows.

The full statement is here!


Alpine: performance before reliability

We asked Alpine Technical Director Pat Fry about the recent reliability issues. “In terms of performance, we are [in dieser Saison] much better positioned, “he points out. But that had its price.

It has always been clear to put performance ahead of reliability, says Fry, explaining it is a “brave path” to take. However, it is not uncommon for problems to arise from time to time.

At the same time, it confirms Ocon’s claim that there were two “different” problems in Singapore. “We are working on it,” says Fry, explaining that the defects that emerged were “relatively new.”

It is now necessary to carry out a precise analysis so that the errors do not repeat themselves.


Loose curfew

A small side note: since the second free practice session will be extended tomorrow at the request of Pirelli, the curfew has also been relaxed in this context. So the teams have three extra hours on Friday.

However: this only applies to up to six employees per team, who can only work on the tires during this period. So it didn’t have a big impact on the course of the weekend in general.


Steiner angry: the FIA ​​does not learn!

Meanwhile, another argument is angering the Haas team boss: In Singapore, Kevin Magnussen was once again pitted with a damaged front wing and forced to change it, for the third time this year!

“It’s frustrating,” Steiner dismisses, noting that it would have been “absolutely safe” to continue with the winger. “In Hungary we had the same scenario”, he gets annoyed and says in the direction of the FIA: “You just haven’t learned anything!”

In Budapest, the FIA ​​was even shown that “you can stay on this side without it falling”. Steiner explains annoyed: “At some point we need it [in der Rennleitung] People who understand how these machines are made … “

Speaking of Magnussen: he turned 30 yesterday, which Haas celebrated today. Late all the best!


Steiner: That speaks for Mick Schumacher

Still no decision at Haas on the driver issue for 2023. At least Günther Steiner can be elicited what advantage Mick Schumacher could have. “If you’ve been working with someone for two years, that’s an advantage,” the team leader said.

In this respect, the current driver “always” has an advantage, says Steiner. Background: In today’s Formula 1, there is simply not enough time to learn. “That’s why we brought Kevin back because he’s been here before,” he explains.

“He was out for a year, but he knew everyone [im Team]. And that’s always an advantage, “Steiner clarifies. The fact alone is obviously not a free ticket for Mick. But there is at least one legitimate reason for hope.


Hamilton: Even with $ 300,000 more …

The record champion also commented on the budget cap and explained that even a seemingly small amount can make a big difference. He points out that Mercedes has strictly adhered to the cost ceiling.

“At Silverstone we got it [2021] our latest update, and it was worth nearly three tenths. I’m pretty sure it cost less than a million, “said Hamilton, who made a comparison with Red Bull.

“Then we saw Red Bull bring updates every weekend or every other weekend. I think from then on they have. [nach Silverstone] at least four other updates, ”Hamilton said on Sky.

“If we had spent $ 300,000 on a new underbody or modified wing, it would have changed the championship result,” believes Hamilton, who ultimately missed the title by a hair’s breadth.

He therefore hopes in the interest of the sport that there have been no violations by Red Bull in 2021.


Speaking of the weather

Let’s take a quick look at the forecast for the weekend. The greatest chance of rain is currently Friday. So it may be that there won’t be as much dry training time.

Stupid for Pirelli, because tomorrow FT2 had to be extended to 90 minutes to test the new slicks for 2023. We had already talked about it here in the ticker. Of course, this wouldn’t happen if it rained.

The rain risk is significantly lower for Saturday and Sunday, but as we know this can still change. Our full weekend weather forecast is available here!


Gasly: ​​Issues discussed by Singapore

The Frenchman was quite angry with his team after Sunday’s race. “I was extremely disappointed,” he admits and reveals: “We discussed everything. […] It’s done and we’re leaving it behind. “You can’t change the outcome of the race anyway.

During the analysis, everyone agreed “that sadly, looking back, it was not [die richtige Strategie] era. “Reveals:” We all know we could have handled the situation better and made better decisions. “

“I think if we were to do it again, we would definitely do it differently,” said Gasly. Let’s see if he gets wet again this Sunday. It’s not entirely out of the question …


Hamilton: The rebound is the biggest problem

“We thought Singapore was our best chance [auf einen Sieg] it would be “, reveals the Mercedes driver, who only finished ninth. He explains:” One thing we still underestimate is the rebound “.

The car doesn’t like bumps on a track. In terms of aerodynamics, Singapore was definitely “good” for Mercedes. “But the bumps have ruined a lot,” Hamilton said.

After all: “We shouldn’t have bounced here,” says the record champion before Japan. But the problem this time around is that the opponents at Suzuka would be “very, very strong” – especially Red Bull.

“I think it will be one of their strongest routes”, suspects Hamilton, who also makes it clear that Mercedes wanted to do “better” than, for example, Monza or Spa. But is it enough to attack in front …?


Ocon: Two different problems

Both Alpine pilots retired to Singapore due to an engine defect. However, Ocon reveals that there were “two different problems”. Also interesting: both errors occurred for the first time.

After all: despite the flaw, he does not assume that he will need a new engine this year. “It should be fine,” said the Frenchman, who hopes for a good result in Japan as well.

“The update we brought to Singapore should be more effective here,” he explains, noting that he is taking on a “good” race. “The goal should be to score points with both cars,” explains Ocon.

It would be important with regards to the World Cup, because after the last two numbers zero, McLaren are known to have passed. From now on, you can hardly afford to go wrong when it comes to reliability.


Honda is back!

We have known since yesterday that the Honda logo will return to the Red Bull and AlphaTauri cars. In the meantime we also have a first photo of the “new” paint job. You can find all the basic information here!


Perez: I want to bond with Singapore

Seeking to exploit his victory in Singapore, the Mexican explained: “I don’t see why we didn’t do it [nach Japan] take it and continue. We worked very hard with the engineers and the team during this little break. “

It means the two-week break between Monza and Singapore. “I was in the factory and we were in touch almost every day during the break, sending emails and going over a few things here and there,” Perez said.

Now he “understood” what had changed in the last few months. After a good start to the season, he had only been on the podium once in the six races before Singapore.

“It would be great if we could do the same performance here [wie in Singapur]”, thus the hope of the Mexican in front of Japan.


Sainz: How can Red Bull develop so much?

This statement also applies to the topic of cost limits, but refers to the current 2022 season. Carlos Sainz wonders how Red Bull managed to develop the RB18 so much this year.

Ferrari would not have expected this to be possible “in a situation with a budget limit”. “They have developed incredibly quickly,” reflects Sainz, who, however, does not accuse the Bulls of any violations.

If there was one in principle, though, then he hopes for a “heavy penalty,” says Sainz, who recalls: “We all know how important further development is in Formula 1.” It is the “heart” of the whole series.

And of course it makes a difference if you spend more money in this industry than others.


Just minor violations of the budget ceiling?

At least that’s what ‘Sky’ reports. In Singapore it was said that there had been at least one “material violation”, as the regulations say, which is a serious violation. However, according to colleagues, this is not the case.

Last year, in fact, there could have been violations of the cost cap, but only minor ones, defined as “minor infractions” in the regulation, with such a team would have exceeded the maximum limit.

However, less than five percent, which is why there would only be a smaller penalty. A total exclusion from the championship would not in this case, for example, be provided for by the regulation.

Let’s wait and see what the FIA ​​announces on Monday.


Vettel: I would go back to Suzuka …

Jokingly, Sebastian Vettel said he would “seriously” consider a comeback in Formula 1 if it were just a race at Suzuka. According to plan, he will guide us for the last time this weekend.

“Maybe one of these guys will [neben mir] a little sick in future races “, he jokes in the PK and explains:” I don’t wish him that! But I wouldn’t mind getting back in the car for a race at Suzuka at any time. “

Incidentally, “at the moment” he still has no concrete plans on what he will do in the future. Maybe there will be – at least for one race – a series that runs in Suzuka …

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