JK Rowling protests against the sex change law

people “No to self-identification”

JK Rowling protests against the gender swap bill

JK Rowling faces criticism from transgender people

Bestselling author JK Rowling drew the ire of the LGBTI community with a tweet. The Harry Potter creator was outraged by the phrase “menstruating people”.

In Scotland, a self-declaration should be enough in the future to change gender. There is resistance from women’s rights activists. Harry Potter author JK Rowling also joins the debate. Something similar is expected in Germany.

S.Scotland is conducting a debate that is already underway in Germany: a bill by Nicola Sturgeon’s government provides that people can change gender in the future with a self-declaration and without a medical report. There are legal concerns and opposition from women’s rights activists to the draft, including Harry Potter author Joanne K. Rowling.

“No to self-identification,” the author wrote on Twitter Thursday. Rowling posted a photo of her accompanying her statement expressing her solidarity with those protesting the change outside the Scottish Parliament.

He wears a T-shirt on which Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon would be described as a “destroyer of women’s rights”. The word “women” is cut off in Rowling’s shared photo, but other demonstration images have the same graphic as the shirt with that text.

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In the past, Rowling has often made statements in debates about identity politics and the rights of trans people. For example, you criticized the use of the term “menstruating people” for biological women.

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Trans people have taken these and other claims as hostile and discriminatory, and several actors in the Harry Potter films have turned away from Rowling. Trans or transgender people are people who do not feel they belong to the sex that was determined at birth.

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Nele (left) and her partner Elie Vandenbussche

Sturgeon’s bill would require candidates to live under their new gender for three months before requesting a gender change. The age for sex change without a medical certificate will be lowered from 18 to 16 years. The London government has announced a statutory revision of the law.

In Germany, the traffic light coalition is planning a similar reform of the civil status law with the self-determination law. Key points presented in June stipulate that sexual identity reports or a medical certificate should no longer be a prerequisite for changing gender entry in the future.

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