“It was EA’s biggest mistake”

In FIFA 23, you can briefly purchase a Hero Pack on October 8th. This costs 25,000 coins and can only be purchased once per account. But after almost 15 minutes it was already deactivated again. Players who couldn’t buy it are now upset that it was the best package ever offered in FIFA.

What was in the package? A guaranteed FUT hero. And each of these players is impressive:

  • The worst card is Jorge Campos, a goalkeeper with a score of 87 and a value of 20,000 coins, a relatively small loss compared to the purchase price.
  • However, at the top is David Ginola with a value of 1.75 million coins. A total of 7 players are worth more than 500,000 coins.
  • There will also be the German legend Rudi Völler.

Whoever bought the Heroes Pack was also able to offer the card on the FUT transfer market, because the card was incredibly tradable. And since only Jorge Campos was among the 25,000 coins you paid for the package, it was a near-risk-free investment.

The players therefore describe the pack as the strongest of all time. Too strong, probably also found EA.

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Heroes Pack may have been an oversight, but it’s really pissing players off

What happened after the package was released? Shortly after the release of the Hero Pack, it was deactivated again. According to a reddit post, he was only online for just under 15 minutes. Anyone who has been able to take a package during this time has been very lucky.

What do the players say? They are really upset, because anyone who is not logged in did not immediately receive anything. However, the lucky ones could secure a strong player for cheap or convert a few coins into a lot more. Some players also complain that their card would lose a lot of value due to the campaign and they would even lose coins indirectly.

Players are now demanding justice:

  • Hazard1900 writes, for example: “It would be disgusting if they didn’t all give us a hero now.”
  • Ballaman200 describes the action as “EA’s biggest mistake since the launch of FUT”.

At the same time, this action also resonates with anger from other areas. A number of players complain that bug fixes sometimes take weeks, while a pack that could only be purchased once and offered all players the same opportunity was removed after just a few minutes, making it really unfair.

What does EA say about it? So far there are no declarations on the package. So it’s unclear whether other players will be rewarded or if the original buyers will lose their hero. We at MeinMMO will keep you updated.

Those still on the hunt for good cards right now should keep an eye out for the new Road to the Knockouts event:

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