Iranian exile Alinejad on BILD: “If the veil falls, the Iranian regime also falls” | politics

Iranian exile Alinejad compares the hijab to the Berlin wall |

“If the veil falls, the Iranian regime also falls”

For three weeks the Iranians have been demonstrating against the regime of the Islamic Republic and now schoolchildren and students are also taking to the streets. It is a new development of resistance.

“Teenagers have become the greatest threat to the Islamic Republic, teachers have taken to the streets, they have called a national strike. University professors took to the streets, which demonstrates the diversity of the protest, demonstrates that the Iranian people have decided they want to end the apartheid regime, “said Masih Alinejad (46) from American exile in BILD. a famous Iranian-American activist.

Reason for protests: the killing of a young woman by police officers. Jina (Masah Amini) was targeted by the regime’s henchmen because her veil was presumably too wide. Since then, demonstrations against the mullahs’ rule have taken place across the country, particularly in Kurdish-dominated western Iran.

Masih Alinejad during a protest for Jina (Masah Amini) on October 1 in Los Angeles, California

Photo: action print

Official toll so far: at least 133 dead and countless arrests! According to Reporters Without Borders, 28 journalists were also arrested.

“We need an open investigation into the murders, because the actual number of murders is much higher and international politics should finally end all their relations with the Iranian regime,” asks Alinejad in BILD.

Alinejad is one of the best known Iranian human rights activists. For years he has been fighting against compulsory hijab in his home country.

Iranian revolutionary leader Ali Khamenei (83) commented for the first time on the protests in the country on Monday: The demonstrations against the regime were controlled from abroad. They are part of a “foreign conspiracy” to destabilize Iran. Khamenei blamed the United States and Israel.

“Iran’s supreme leader is clearly afraid of me and the millions of other women who have decided to overthrow this regime,” Alinejad said of Khamenei’s testimony in BILD.

► According to Alinejad, what’s behind the Ayatollah’s statements: “Ali Khamenei knows that the mandatory hijab is the Islamic Republic’s Achilles heel. For years I have compared the requirement of the hijab to the Berlin Wall. wall fell, communism also fell. Khamenei knows this and that is why he is willing to kill innocent Iranian women to stay in power “.

Meanwhile, the regime continues to try to downplay the protests: state media report that the situation in the country is calm. The reports of the protests are lies from abroad.

Pupils demonstrate in class and leave school

Pupils demonstrate in class and leave school

Photo: Source: Twitter

Students also join the protest. In several classrooms, young students took off their veils and shouted “Death to the dictator” – which means “revolutionary leader” Ali Khamenei. More and more female students take to the streets.

“In my opinion, this is a women’s revolution. Iranian women burn the veil, which is not a small piece of cloth. It is the main pillar of the religious dictatorship. Iranian women and girls face guns and bullets, it’s not just about the mandatory hijab, they want their basic rights, “Alinejad told BILD.

BILD human rights expert on protests in Iran “If the veil falls, the mullahs fall”

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