I upgraded my 9 year old TV for 30 euros and I also save electricity

Modern TVs now offer a host of features for gaming, streaming, and more. But what if you own a TV that has been around for years? So you have to buy a new TV for a lot of money? MeinMMO editor Benedikt Schlotmann says: No, because for 30 euros he has significantly improved his television.

New hardware is currently expensive. And when the prices of graphics cards and consoles don’t skyrocket, it’s electricity prices and inflation that worry many right now.

With a small upgrade of 30 euros, I was not only able to cheaply upgrade our old TV, which had been going on for years, but also save a few euros a month on electricity costs. At least the second reason may appeal to some of you.

A TV stick for 30 euros makes everyday life much more enjoyable

What’s the problem? We have a 9 year old TV in our family. For most purposes, the device is still completely sufficient, as you can easily connect the switch or PS5 to it. It is also sufficient for a cozy movie night.

But when you watch the series, it becomes difficult. Because the Samsung model offers hardly any “smart” features. You can use a Netflix app, for example, but the performance is below average and the video cuts out regularly. Also, the TV hardware is now a bit slow.

At current prices, however, I didn’t want to invest several thousand euros in a new TV. An interim solution for a few hundred euros was out of the question because it would not have been worth it.

what was the solution The simplest and cheapest option was actually a streaming TV stick. These parts are slightly larger than a USB stick and are connected to the TV via the HDMI connection. The next setup is no more complicated than logging into Netflix on PS5 or mobile device.

I then bought a “Fire TV Stick 4K” on offer. It was currently on sale for less than 30 euros.

The TV stick also expands the range of functions of the TV by 9 years. In this way, many streaming services and other apps can be used much more comfortably and with significantly better performance than if they were installed on the Samsung platform.

What alternatives are there? But I could have used alternatives. After all, Amazon isn’t the only vendor making such TV sticks:

  • The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick looks almost like the “Fire TV Stick” and costs a few euros less on average. Big advantage: Xiomi allows you to choose which account to use to access the stick.
  • The Google Chromecast is also a well-known alternative. The only drawback: without a Google account, the thing is hardly usable.
  • The Roku Express 4K offers you 4K for 39 euros and therefore for much less money than Amazon. But there is no Dolby Vision for it. Roku is based on its own operating system (Roku OS) and is very clearly structured.
  • The Apple TV 4K offers you powerful hardware and, what’s more, access to “Apple TV +”. The downside, however, is the high selling price of 199 euros.
  • MagentaTV Stick offers you live TV, media libraries and streaming services for around 70 euros. Thanks to Android, you can theoretically install multiple apps. Also included are HDR10 and HDR10 +, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

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The scope of delivery of the Fire TV Stick

I use the TV stick instead of the PS5 for streaming and saving electricity

How can I save electricity? I’ve used my PS4 or PS5 so far to stream Netflix and Co. But game consoles consume a lot of electricity if you’re “just” streaming. That’s why there’s also the recommendation that the PS5 shouldn’t be used for Netflix and other streaming services

Since we started using the TV stick to watch Netflix or Prime Video, the power consumption has dropped significantly:

  • According to nrdc.org, the PS5 consumes 70 to 80 watts of electricity on average when streaming. Not to mention the TV.
  • A TV stick needs well under 10 watts: an Apple TV 4K requires around 6 watts and a Chromecast Ultra just 3.4 watts.

On average, I save 60 to 70 watts when I use the TV stick instead of the PS5. If my girlfriend were streaming about 2 hours a day, that would be a whopping 4 kilowatt hours that we would save in a month. Since, according to the NDR, the price for one kilowatt hour is currently around € 0.54, we would save as much as € 2 per month.

Prices are expected to rise significantly before winter. If you stream for about 5 or 6 hours a day or 8 hours on the weekend and the prices double, you’ll quickly save $ 10 or more a month.

Who is it worth it for? For me the purchase of such a TV stick was worth it because on the one hand I can bypass the weak hardware of the TV and on the other hand I save electricity when I am not using my console for streaming.

If you have an old or very cheap TV that is a little weak on the chest, then I can recommend such a stick. There are enough alternatives, all of which offer similar performance and a similar range of features. Only the Apple device is by far the most expensive with a recommended price of 199 euros.

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