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Kickers Offenbach is guest of VfB Stuttgart II © IMAGO / Roland Sippel – Eibner press photo

Ersan Parlatan’s debut as a manager at Kickers Offenbach was a success. The regional football league team deservedly won 2-0 (0-0) at VfB Stuttgart II and climbed to fifth place in the standings (21 points). Next Friday (19:00) the leader of Ulm (30) will arrive in Offenbach.

Kickers Offenbach is host of VfB Stuttgart II in the Regionalliga Südwest, we report the game in the live ticker.

VfB Stuttgart II – Kickers Offenbach 0: 2 (0: 0)
0: 1 Lemmer (62), 0: 2 Hermes
Aidonis / Garcia (2), Saric (3)

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90 ° +2 minutes: At the final whistle in Stuttgart, the OFC celebrates its well-deserved success at VfB Stuttgart II.

90 ° + 1 minute: Saric throws the tactical foul. Punishment brings nothing because Richter looks from behind.

90 minutes: Still the hosts, but offside, no threat to David Richter’s goal.

88 minutes: VfB again. But Aidonis’ long-range shot is not a difficult task for the judges, even if shot flat and sharp.

85 minutes: Moreno Giesel beats Sonnenwald for a corner. But the OFC makes this clear with certainty.

82 minutes: On the sidelines, Ersan Parlatan cheers on his new team. Who still has everything under control and is confidently heading towards the second away win of the season.

80 minutes: The VfB returns, but Sonnenwald’s header clearly goes to the side on the right.

78 minutes: VfB also changes again: Sonnenwald arrives for Drakas.

76 minutes: Almost 3:00 am! Rossmann frees himself after a free kick at five, turns and crushes the ball just beyond the right. Meanwhile, alternating chants can be heard between the main stand and the fan stand. “OFC, OFC”, the appendix is ​​obviously satisfied.

73 minutes: Garcia is yellow for a tactical foul. The hosts change twice: Cisse and Kudala arrive for Nothnagel and Weik.

71 minutes: Last change in OFC: Lemmer is slightly injured, Dejan Bozic arrives.

69 minutes: It was made strong by the Kickers. Offenbacher Bank hits mercilessly in the second half. First Garcia hangs up for Lemmer, then Hermes, also replaced, scores, for the first time this season, by the way.

68 minutes: GOOOOOR FOR THE OFC! Lucas Hermes is on the run after a pass from Jopek, he also loads the keeper and pushes easily.

67 minutes: Lemmer got hurt trying to clean up his right back. He is currently being treated on the outside. The VfB meanwhile has the second corner, but it won’t be very dangerous.

64 minutes: It was Jakob Lemmer’s sixth goal this season.

63 minutes: In Stuttgart, Hetemi goes in place of Boziaris.

62 minutes: GOOOOOOR FOR THE OFC !!!!! Jakob Lemmer scores from close range from a cross from Garcia, just entered. A big applause resounds in the Gazi stadium.

60 minutes: Double change in OFC: Garcia and Saric arrive for Wanner and Albrecht.

58 minutes: Hermes gets the first corner for the OFC. Derflinger takes it, but Breitenbach fails to press the ball.

56 minutes: Jopek again, who puts Hermes in the foreground on the right, but the cross cross misses him totally.

54 minutes: The OFC fans sing in a loop, of course they want to see the ball squirm into the net in front of their wall. And now it’s almost happened: Hermes passes after a long throw from Jopek, but fails from close range and under Hornung’s pressure.

53 minutes: Again Derflinger, shot too central from 16 meters. No problem for Hornung.

48 minutes: By the way, Sreto Ristic and Marijan Kovacevic are also in the stadium. The duo lives in Stuttgart and was active in Offenbach until the summer. Ristic had led the OFC to third place and the Hessian Cup victory, Kovacevic his assistant.

47 minutes: First good deed by Hermes, who finds Derflinger, but whose direct shot passes him.

46 minutes: So in effect: Hosiner is out, Hermes in the game. The Swabians have also changed: Gerezgiher is at stake for Kuol.

46 minutes: The ball rolls again.

15:02: The teams return to the field. And there are signs of another change at the OFC. Lucas Hermes is likely to come, obviously for Hosiner.

45 ° + 3 minutes: It’s the interval now. OFC has obvious advantages on the pitch, there is still a lack of efficiency in front of goal. On the back, David Richter was challenged twice.

45. +2 minutes: Another free kick for OFC on the center line after a foul on Lemmer. Recovery time is due to discontinuation of Zieliecki’s treatment.

44 minutes: The first half is about to end. The OFC clearly has more from the game. But now VfB again, receiving a free kick from the right after Rossmann dismissed too resolutely. And then the ball enters and Nothnagel shoots, but too central. The judge has the ball

40 minutes: First corner for the hosts, Moreno had blocked. And it becomes dangerous because the ball, which has been kicked abruptly, first overtakes everyone, then abruptly re-enters from the right, where Kuol heads on five, but Richter, who did not seem very good at first, takes the ball high.

39 minutes: Again OFC, Jopek finds Marcos on the left, who crosses – but rejects. The ball returns again, but then Hosiner commits the offensive foul.

36 minutes: Stay like that, the OFC is good at the game, only the last step to the top does not want to make it yet. Two Derflinger balls didn’t just arrive, now Wanner’s ball on Lemmer is too inaccurate.

33 minutes: OFC is still firmly in control of the game, but very little comes from the VfB.

29 minutes: Moreno, switched to right-back (alongside him Breitenbach now central defender), makes his first move, fending off an attack and then changing pace. His pass for Wanner doesn’t come.

26 minutes: The OFC must change, with Zieleniecki it does not go further. Vincent Moreno Giesel replaces him.

26 minutes: Lemmer is on the left and far away, Aidonis bumps him and sees the yellow.

24 minutes: OFC captain Sebastian Zieliecki needs treatment. Players use it for drinking breaks. Zieliecki continues to be treated in the thigh. But he goes on with Poland.

22 minutes: The OFC is doing a good game so far, it acts in a variable way, it enjoys playing. Still missing only the last precision in attack. Now also with Dominik Wanner, who starts alone, but then shoots too centrally at goalkeeper Hornung. He bounces forward for a moment, but then he has the ball.

19 minutes: Next OFC Attack: Derflinger walks away, just beyond the left.

18 minutes: Kickers don’t tactically act as rigidly as they did last time. Jopek is currently the middle link in a chain of five.

16 minutes: Again the OFC through the agile right with Wanner and Breitenbach, but Stuttgart finally sheds some light.

14 minutes: Another good OFC attack, Breitenbach makes speed on the right, the band is a bit too sharp.

12 minutes: First really good chance for OFC: Jakob Lemmer, who today often changes sides with Dominik Wanner, crosses, this time from the left. Philipp Hosiner heads the ball into the goal.

10 minutes: The ball arrives strong enough, but is rejected.

8 minutes: The OFC has a lot to do against the lively and hardworking Stuttgart, but at the moment they are controlling the game well. Now Derflinger takes a free-kick from the right. Jopek will carry the ball.

3rd minute: The OFC with a hesitant first approach to the goal. Julian Albrecht shoots from 23 meters, but no problem for VfB goalkeeper Sebastian Hornung.

1st minute: The ball rolls.

14:02: The referee of the game is Marc Heiker (Sulzfeld). He is about to kick off the OFC.

14:00: The teams are ready, take the field. The OFC fans are immediately in a good mood.

13:59: The Kickers will certainly play at home today, among the estimated 500 spectators, half are certainly from Offenbach.

13:58: The teams are back in the locker room, things will start in a few minutes. The Kickers want to extend their winning streak and have remained undefeated three times in a row.

13:55: The hosts, who have not won in three games but are still unbeaten at home, send these eleven into the race: Hornung – Hoppe, Weik, Laupheimer, Kastanaras, Kapp, Kuol, Drakas, Nothnagel, Aidonis. Bank: Gaus – Ganaus, Okada, Schuster, F. Gerezgiher, Hetemi, Cisse, Sonnenwald, Kudala.

13:53: And this is the eleven that Parlatan is competing today: Richter – Breitenbach, Zieleniecki, Rossmann, Marcos – Albrecht, Jopek – Lemmer, Derflinger, Wanner – Hosiner. Bank: English – Garcia, Knöll, Saric, Hermes, Mairose, Moreno Giesel, Bozic, Zitzelsberger.

13:51: Parlatan makes two changes to the starting eleven compared to the 3-0 victory against Astoria Walldorf. Julian Albrecht and Jakob Lemmer at the start for Maik Vetter (broken tip) and Lucas Hermes (bench).

13:48: It is Ersan Parlatan’s first competitive match as an OFC coach. The 45-year-old, recently assistant to second division club 1. FC Nürnberg, took over the regional division on Wednesday.

13:47: Curious on arrival: after a technical defect in the actual bus, the Kickers had to travel in the vehicle of the third division club SV Wehen Wiesbaden. According to the club, the bus company was unable to obtain a neutral bus in the short time available.

13:46: Hello from Stuttgart Degerloch, where VfB Stuttgart II meets Kickers Offenbach today. Incidentally, the finest late summer weather in the “Ländle”. The best conditions for an interesting game.

Offenbach – The 12th day of the Regionalliga Südwest is approaching and Kickers Offenbach will face VfB Stuttgart II. The match will start at 2 pm at the Gazi stadium on the Waldau. It is the first competitive match under the guidance of the new manager Ersan Parlatan.

OFC visiting Stuttgart

Kickers Offenbach recently defeated FC-Astoria Walldorf 3-0 in front of the home crowd. With 18 points, the team moved up to sixth place in the standings. Just one place behind is VfB Stuttgart’s Under 21 team, who currently have 17 points on credit. However, the Swabians lost 2-0 at KSV Hessen Kassel last weekend. Last season, the OFC won the match in Stuttgart 4: 2.

The gap from leaders SSV Ulm, still unbeaten, is twelve points. However, the leaders have already played one more game than Kickers Offenbach. With a win in Stuttgart, the OFC could move up to nine points on the promotion spot. But for this a good performance from the reserves of the Bundesliga team of VfB Stuttgart is needed.

OFC wants the next victory

OFC player Philipp Hosiner is ready for the next three points: “We want to continue the positive trend of the last games on Sunday, we want to continue to collect points, certainly the three points against Stuttgart. We have worked well in recent weeks and also this week and we will go to Stuttgart with confidence ”.

Ersan Parlatan, the new Kickers Offenbach coach, naturally wants to start with a win: “For the past two days I have worked with a very busy, willing and curious OFC team. Now it’s about working on Sunday and bringing a certain game idea to the pitch. . ” (smr)

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