Greetings from the Master of Orion

from Michael Miskulin
The new title Lord of Rigel offers the classic 4X space strategy in the style of Master of Orion in a slightly more modern guise. But the classic pillars of turn-based gameplay are all there: scout, expand, leverage, and delete.

No, Lord of Rigel is not a new chocolate bar from the Lord of the Rings universe, but rather a 4X galactic space strategy simulation. It’s also pretty much fantasy here, after all, the galaxy in the game is inhabited by numerous different alien races. This isn’t the only way Rhombus Studios’ game is reminiscent of the venerable 1993 Master of Orion.

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Lord of Rigel: Classic 4X space strategy with many aliens

Available in Steam Early Access on October 4th, Lord of Rigel allows players to build their own space civilization, explore the entire galaxy, conquer enemy aliens, and exploit planetary resources. There are ten different species to choose from: from the feline Katraxi to the mysterious Aranaid and Ornithon insect. So it’s up to the player whether he wants to diplomatically unite the galaxy under one banner or whether he leads a calculated war of aggression after another to subjugate the peoples. Espionage is also possible. The journey begins on your home planet. Here you first build barracks, farms or shipyards in a classic turn-based fashion and research the technologies needed for space travel.

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The developers always promise new stories and challenges throughout the game, which results from a combination of procedural generation and intelligent AI factions. In Lord of Rigel, a centuries-old conflict simmers between the two ancient races vying for control of the galaxy. It is precisely these emerging stories that should bind the player to this 4X title for hours. We are still excited.

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