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Eminem is a living legend. Marshall Mathers, his real name, wasn’t just the first great white rapper. He changed rap music like no other.

Monday turns 50.

“Eminem is the Elvis of rap. What Elvis did for rhythm and blues, Eminem did for rap music,” Berlin DJ Tomekk (47) tells BILD am SONNTAG.

Elvis Presley († 42) is considered one of the greatest music stars of all time

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“It made it mainstream. And as a white man. Today you would probably call it cultural appropriation, in the past it was celebrated. Thanks to him, rap is colorless. “

Tomekk worked with Eminem himself, producing a remix in the mid-90s that also included Eminem. “At the time he was a shy and a little nervous rap maniac. He was just sitting in the corner working on new rhymes all the time, “says Tomekk. Just a few years later, Eminem became a world star.

DJ Tomekk (here 2008) collaborated with Eminem

DJ Tomekk (here 2008) collaborated with Eminem

Photo: Jürgen Mahnke

Rap was the outlet for his problems

Eminem grew up under rather poor circumstances. Father Bruce leaves the family when the baby is just three months old. His mother is constantly on the go with her son. He is bullied and severely beaten in constantly changing schools.

He got to know rap music through his uncle Ronnie and at the age of 14 he finally found an outlet for his problems through it.

Eminem's mother, Debbie Mathers

Eminem’s mother, Debbie Mathers

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From newcomer to megastar

He quickly made a name for himself as an underground rapper. Then hip-hop legend Dr. Dre (now 57) noticed him and took him under his wing.

In 1999, Eminem made the breakthrough with the song “My Name Is”, his album “Slim Shady LP” became a worldwide success. In 2002 the film “8 Mile” was released, Eminem plays himself and gets an Oscar for the song “Lose Yourself”.

The 2002 film

The 2002 film “8 Mile” tells the story of his life. Eminem (then 29, l., With Xzibit, then 28) plays himself

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In private, Eminem has never gone as smoothly as he has in his career. At 15 he meets his future wife Kim. They have a casual affair, marry twelve years later and have daughter Hailie (26 today).

He also adopts Kim’s first daughter, Whitney, and her granddaughter, Alaina. After two years, in 2001 she followed a divorce and a custody dispute. But in late 2005, Eminem and Kim reconciled, remarrying in January 2006, only to get divorced three months later.

Eminem performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2022

Eminem performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2022

Photo: USA TODAY Sport

Eminem takes a break, struggles with alcohol and drugs. At the end of 2007 he attempted suicide, which shook him and put his life back on track.

To date, it has sold around 100 million records.

This is what German rap stars think of Eminem

Kool Sava

German rap icon Kool Savas (47) knows: “Eminem has opened many doors for MCs who feel they belong to the battle rap genre and has given people the confidence to rap on topics that weren’t considered ‘cool’. . Writing songs about your problems didn’t really have a big place in rap music before Eminem. “

What influence did Eminem have on his own music? Kool Savas: “Personally, I really liked his first major album ‘The Slim Shady LP’ and I immediately felt somehow understood by him, because I noticed a lot of parallels between him and me in terms of rap.”

German rapper Kool Savas

German rapper Kool Savas

Photo: Ondro

Is there an anecdote involving Eminem? Kool Savas recalls: “A friend of mine did one of the first interviews with Eminem in Germany, and Eminem wanted to learn a German dirty word. My colleague Mike then taught him the word “free pussy”. After that, Eminem felt it was used in every German-language interview. “

Katja Krasavice

Successful German rapper Katja Krasavice (26) is also enthusiastic about the lyrics.

Krasavice to BILD am SONNTAG: “Eminem has an unimaginable influence on rap. He is the first white rapper who has managed to earn respect and succeed. Proving that he is just an incredible rapper. He is still one of the greatest rappers of all. the times, from the point of view of the lyrics, in my opinion “.

Admire Eminem: Katja Krasavice

Admire Eminem: Katja Krasavice

Photo: source PR Franzivanderheide_official

The 26-year-old continued: “Eminem is part of my childhood, along with Snoop Dogg and other rappers I have listened to over and over. Every time I hear and hear Eminem again, I realize how good it is to offend and say things that the others don’t dare say. Eminem not only doesn’t mince words: Eminem kills every taboo with his words. This showed me that music and art have no rules and boundaries “.

Photo: BILD

What also links Katja with Eminem: “With my debut album ‘Boss Bitch’ I pushed Eminem’s album ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ from the throne and landed number 1 on the German charts. As far as I know, his album was number 1 in many other countries except Germany. Getting an A and Eminem getting a B was just proof to me that you can achieve anything, even if you’re crazy in the eyes of others. Just like with Eminem .

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Capital Bra

Colleague Capital Bra (27) is also an Eminem fan.

“Great, Eminem is going to be a mess! He really shaved everything. Just his story of how he got up. He was alone among blacks. He worked his way up there and never gave up. And with the lyrics he rapped.” , he is definitely ill “.

Capital Bra is also an Eminem fan

Capital Bra is also an Eminem fan

Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa

The successful rapper continues: “I celebrate his music. I also heard them as a child. There is also a video from when I was seven and just arrived in Germany where I dance with Eminem.”

DJ Tomekk can only agree with the admired statements. “Eminem radically changed rap. There is only a time before and a time after “.

This article comes from BILD am SONNTAG. The ePaper of the entire issue is available here.

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