Dramatic ending: Katharina Wackernagel’s last “Stralsund” case

An unexpected encounter heralds the latest case of TV investigator Nina Petersen, and eventually meets one deadly decision. Lead actress Katharina Wackernagel has left the detective series “Stralsund” it’s spectacular. For 13 years you have been shaping the format, which is characterized by emotionally told stories and which is hardly imaginable without committed and sensitive Commissioner Petersen. The episode with the subtitle “Die rote Linie” can be seen on Saturday 15 October at 8:15 pm on ZDF.

Stralsund: That’s what “The Red Line” is about.

Wackernagel’s farewell to “Stralsund”, which is worth seeing, has once again been written and staged by director and screenwriter Martin Eigler. At the very beginning he confronts the protagonist with her past: Nina Petersen finds one one evening seriously injured person at the front door. This is Benjamin Lietz (Wotan Wilke Möhring), a former colleague with whom he has much more in common than working. The two were having an affair, Nina was expecting a child from Benjamin. During an operation, Nina was injured and her unborn child died. Benjamin, who as a policeman oscillated between good and evil – with a penchant for crossing the red line – disappears from Nina’s life.

Now he’s back. Nina is torn between anger and loyalty. Although Benjamin is obviously in trouble again, she temporarily takes him to her home.

Stralsund – The Red Line: Illegal Trade and Gang Wars

Then Nina is called to the crime scene in a marina by her colleague Karl Hidde (Alexander Held). Detective Thomas Jung (Johannes Zirner) soon finds a connection between the dead man and, of all, Benjamin Lietz. The two once shared a prison cell. It’s about the illegal trade in car parts and the violence between rival gangs.

When Karl is kidnapped and taken to a ferry, Nina and her colleagues Karim Uthman (Karim Günes) and Stein (Andreas Schröders) dress up and drive a transporter on the ship. They want to free Karl. Nina wonders more and more if Benjamin has crossed the red line again. Is he involved in the kidnapping? On the ferry, the investigator manages to meet Benjamin unnoticed. Then he says a sentence that breaks Nina’s last spark of loyalty to her ex-boyfriend. Soon after, he makes a lonely and irreversible decision.

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