Dark rain on Friday in Suzuka


Vettel: Maybe time will help …

Speaking of the four-time world champion, under normal circumstances it would be difficult for him to achieve a major result in his last race at Suzuka this weekend. “It will be difficult”, he confirms to ‘Sky’.

“I don’t know what the weather is doing, maybe it will help us a little and keep us going a little bit when it rains,” he hopes, explaining: “We will try everything and I will definitely enjoy the weather.”

“If it works with points, then it is [es] good, “he explains. But how high is the chance that it will rain tomorrow and especially Sunday? You can find out in our weather forecast for the whole weekend!


Red Bull distracted by the budget limit?

At least that’s what Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack can imagine. His team is also suspected of exceeding the spending cap last year. “They are rumors”, he clarifies him to ‘Sky’.

“We were as surprised as everyone else by these rumors,” he points out and explains: “Obviously it was annoying that something like this happened in Singapore on a Friday, because then mistakes happen quickly and you get distracted easily.”

However, this was “less with us than with Red Bull”. Krack recalls: “With Max there was one or another problem with insufficient gasoline [im Qualifying]. These are all problems that affect people. “

He also doesn’t understand why these things went public, “because these are highly confidential stories,” he recalls. So the matter remains exciting – at least once until Monday …


Updates to Suzuka

Like every Friday, here is the list of all the upgrades for this weekend. Only five teams have anything this time around, so the list is quite manageable.

The most exciting thing is certainly the new Ferrari underbody, which we talked about yesterday. Mercedes and Red Bull have not brought any new parts.


special helmet

We have already seen some special helmets this weekend. Of course, Sebastian Vettel has invented something again. Thanks the Japanese helmet company Arai with its Suzuka design.

Vettel has been driving Arai helmets since the age of eight in 1995 and has based its design on the box that its helmets always come in. Once again a great idea with lots of nice details!


Schumacher Crash!

You don’t see him often either: Schumacher crashed after the end of FT1 at Turn 8! Report aquaplaning. The team now has some work to do until FT2, because it was a slightly heavier crash …


FT1: Closing time!

The session ended, as expected, there were no faster times at the end. Some cars were back on track, but we didn’t see any improvements.

So the best time goes to Alonso ahead of Sainz, Leclerc and Ocon. All practically worthless, of course. Let’s see how it looks later in FT2. It expires in two hours at 8:00.

First, as usual, the FT1 overview:



Photo: F1: Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka) 2022


FT1: final phase

The rain has resumed. Before that, Alonso climbed to P1 with a 1: 42.248. Russell is also driving now – or has driven, because since he’s raining harder again, all 20 drivers are currently in the pits.

Previously, we have also seen several riders off the track. No major incidents, but the risk now seems too great for the teams. Run the last ten minutes.

Call up all current information in the session live ticker!


FT1: Latifi near the runway

Except for Russell, all the riders took to the track at least once. After the engine change, the car is still being worked on. Meanwhile Latifi lands in the off-track hairpin, but manages to continue.

The first pilots are also moving on to intermediates. Verstappen took the lead on the same tires with a 1: 44.059.

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FT1: First times

More and more drivers are now daring to take to the track, at least for one lap. The first half comes from Schumacher with 1: 50.343, while Leclerc leads with 1: 48.104 ahead of Sainz.

For comparison: in 2019, when Suzuka was last driven, Vettel secured pole position in 1: 27.064, still for Ferrari at the time. 13 of the 20 drivers have been on the track so far.

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FT1: Cars on the track!

It went faster than expected. Magnussen and local hero Tsunoda are on their way. Local Japanese fans in particular are delighted! They both sneak onto the track with rain tires.

Meanwhile, “Sky” reports that an oil leak occurred from the Russell engine in the morning. But don’t worry – it was an old engine and only got a new one in Singapore.

So no punishment for him. Meanwhile, Tsunoda returns to the pits. A short pleasure.

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FT1: rain

The session is released, but initially no one guides. He is raining in Suzuka. In theory the teams are supposed to lead, but nobody wants that right now. The risk is probably a little too big in the wet.

Especially since conditions should only be so bad today. So you can’t learn much for the rest of the weekend. Let’s see when the first driver will hit the track here.

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FT1: open the session ticker now!

Even early in the morning, nothing changes in our schedule: here at this point you will find the most important information, images and items during FT1. As always, you can get full coverage in our session ticker with Stefan Ehlen.

It is best to let both tickers work in parallel. And if you want to know how to watch Formula 1 live streaming in Japan, you can find out here!



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Photo: F1: Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka) 2022

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