Curious: FCK coach Schuster praises every HSV player before an important match

Actually, yes, Dirk Schuster was only asked about Aaron Opoku during the press conference before the HSV match on Saturday (20:30 / live ticker on The coach of the 1. FCK then answered the corresponding question, but that wasn’t the end of its opening statement, which was quite unique in terms of form.

He went through HSV training one after another and found words of praise for almost everyone. First for Daniel Heuer Fernandes (“extremely good at building the game”), then also for Sebastian Schonlau and Mario Vuskovic (“can hit a good blade”) and for Jonas Meffert, from Schuster’s point of view an “expert, intelligent, footballer robbed and cleaned “. .

Lautern coach Dirk Schuster is enthusiastic about the HSV

He sees the HSV not only “spoiled for choice” in the rear left, where Tim Leibold is currently on the bench “one of the best defenders of the second division”, but also in the front left, where a “very good scorer” as Sonny Kittel may not play once.

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Anyway, László Bénes and Ludovit Reis are “an asset when it comes to powering up the game”, Bakery Jatta is gifted with “extremely fast speed” and Robert Glatzel simply knows “where the ball is” with his “brutal” movement. in the penalty area. You have almost forgotten what Schuster said about Opoku at the beginning of his six-minute monologue.

Schuster is relaxed about former HSV pro Opoku

He noted that the winger, who was ready to play his former team again, was “deeply relaxed” during the week. “In some situations in training he was perhaps too relaxed,” said Schuster, convinced at the same time in view of the former HSV professional: “We trust him to master the challenge in his former club, even if the return will be very exciting. for him”.

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The 54-year-old is certain that a guest appearance at Volkspark will be really tough for his team as a whole. “This overall mix in HSV, from the individual quality, but also from the way they came together, is absolutely the best the second division has to offer,” says Schuster, who is the “all-time favorite for promotion” at HSV. And therefore foresee: “This is a huge task for us”.

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