Crown numbers in Germany at a glance – October 15, 2022: “The autumn wave shows weakness”

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“The autumn wave shows weakness”

This is how Lauterbach wants to prepare the care facilities for the Corona autumn

The new Corona Ordinance with the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask in public transport, clinics and doctors’ offices has been in force since October. Karl Lauterbach wants to prepare the nursing facilities especially for the Corona autumn. You can see what plans the Health Minister has for this here.

What are the prospects for the autumn wave? Olaf Gersemann explains and evaluates the current figures in a concise and compact way. All you need to know on October 15th.

91,508 crown cases they were reported to RKI yesterday.

These are 25 percent less compared to a week ago.

The daily value is that first business day less than 100,000 from the week before the last.


Source: WORLD

The 7-day incidence nationwide falls for the third consecutive day from 760 to 732.

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she sinks in all 16 federal states.

In a week-over-week comparison, however, 15 of the 16 countries are up. The only exception is Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.


Source: WORLD

The elderly continue to be hit unusually hard by the autumn wave.

yesterday they are 27,983 over 60 cases been reported, which is one Share of 31 percent.

During the first two omicron waves in spring, the proportion had consistently been between 7 and 18 percent.


Source: WORLD

160 deaths per crown they were reported to RKI yesterday.

This means that we are now at 885 who died in the current week.

These are already more than in any of the previous 21 calendar weeks.


Source: WORLD

the The number of booster seconds increases.

On Thursday, the RKI has for the first time since the beginning of May still more than 100,000 such corona vaccinations registered in one day.


Source: WORLD

So far, 29% of those over 60 and 4% of those between 18 and 59 have received a second booster.

Every day we hear the new Corona case numbers. But what do they mean, where are we in the pandemic and what is the trend? Olaf Gersemann explains and evaluates the current figures briefly and concisely, every morning again.

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