Burger King closes five branches after Wallraff’s search

Five branches closed after Wallraff’s search
Burger King is no longer allowed to use vegan labels

In the “Team Wallraff” show, fast food chain Burger King was accused of deficiencies in hygiene, food safety and working conditions. Now the licensor of the V-Label has withdrawn the label from the chain throughout Germany.

According to research by the RTL broadcaster, the Burger King fast food chain has temporarily closed five branches. The company had previously been accused of deficiencies in hygiene, food safety and working conditions in the “Team Wallraff” show. The basis for this was, among other things, undercover search with a hidden camera. Now the company faces another setback: the licensor “V-Label” has withdrawn the label from five products of the chain across Germany. Burger King announced it on their website: “Due to the incidents in five restaurants, the V-Label license for five vegan products has also been suspended. Together with our partners we will optimize the preparation processes and intensify employee training on everything. what concerns the vegan and vegetarian options “.

From now on, these products can no longer carry the vegan label:

  • Plant-based long chicken
  • Plant-based long curry chicken
  • Plant-based nuggets
  • Plant Based Chilli Cheese Nuggets
  • Plant-based nugget burger

V-Label GmbH writes in a press release that the label can only be reused when compliance with the licensing requirements can be guaranteed in a “credible and verifiable” manner.

“The allegations made are taken very seriously,” Burger King told the German headquarters in Hanover. The restaurants indicated in the article would be temporarily closed and carefully monitored. In addition, an extraordinary external overhaul of all 750 Burger King restaurants in Germany was carried out in September. In individual cases, it was not possible to anchor the company’s own standards and processes to all employees. Now they want to further develop and intensify the culture of training.

In the show, “Team Wallraff” reported, among other things, the sale of stale food and poor hygiene in individual restaurants. Furthermore, the employees would be exploited. Burger King now wants to create a whistleblower hotline to report complaints.

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