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It’s about the mega hit “I’m Too Sexy” |

“Right Said Fred” accuses Beyoncé of stealing music!

At the end of July, Beyoncé (41) finally released new music again after a six-year hiatus. Their seventh album “Renaissance” was number one on the Billboard charts, as did all previous albums. How could it be otherwise with Queen-Bey! Fans celebrate the latest songs of the mega star.

But who is really mad at the singer? The musicians of the band Right Said Fred. They claimed Beyoncé was “arrogant” and used her beats from her single “I’m Too Sexy” for her new hit “Alien Superstar” without her permission.

Total nonsense, Beyoncé replies. Instead, the duo’s editors gave Beyoncé permission to use the song and the band was rewarded for it.

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Photo: Sony Music Germany

British pop group Right Said Fred, founded by brothers Fred (58) and Richard Fairbrass (69), celebrated great success in the 1990s. One of his most listened to songs is his 1991 hit “I’m Too Sexy”. And that’s exactly what Beyoncé is said to have used without consent.

Right Said Fred in front of “ The sun“:” Usually the artist comes to us, but Beyoncé didn’t do it because she is such an arrogant person that she probably thought, ‘come and get me’, so we only found out later that she stole our music. ”

Right Said Fred 2019 at

Right Said Fred 2019 at the “Schlagerboom” in Germany

Photo: Picture Alliance / dpa / Henning Kaiser

What does Beyoncé say about the allegations? The claims are “false, incredibly derogatory and false”. Previously, permission was sought from the management of Right Said Fred. The two men are also listed as co-authors of Beyoncé’s new single.

Beyoncé’s management at “ MailOnline ”:“ Not only has permission been granted for use, but the two have publicly expressed their gratitude for being featured on the album. No audio recording was used for their song, just the composition “.

The authority was requested in May and received in June. The compensation was paid in August. “Together, the authors of Right Said Fred own more than any other single author and are credited as co-authors. This accusation is false, “Beyoncé’s statement continued.

“I’m Too Sexy” remained at the top of the US chart for three weeks in early 1992 and in the top 100 chart for 21 weeks according to Billboard.

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