Bella Ramsey was encouraged not to use the game model

After Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey also confirmed that she was not overly involved with the video game model prior to launch and while filming The Last of Us.

“The Last of Us” will soon hit television screens, this time not as a game, but as a TV series. The cast of the production includes Bella Ramsey, who played the role of Ellie.

But what experience was Ramsey able to gather with the video game model? Not many. In an interview, the actors pointed out that they were even encouraged not to “play the video game the series is based on.”

After the first audition, Ramsey was asked if he had ever played a game from the popular Naughty Dog series, to which he replied with a “no”. “Leave it alone,” she received as a suggestion later.

The advice hasn’t stopped Ramsey from at least watching what’s going to happen on YouTube. “I looked at some gameplay footage on YouTube to get an idea,” he said in the interview.

In the end, he is very excited that the series will finally be released. “It was such an important part of my life. I shot for a whole year, which is quite a long time where you only lived 19 years.”

Actor Joel has also given up

Pedro Pascal, who played the role of Joel, also largely avoided the source material. In a previous interview, the actor pointed out that he only briefly saw his nephew perform in The Last of Us. “I watched as long as I could. And then I had to leave Florida,” he said a few months ago.

Pascal feared that if he delved too deeply into the original scenes, he would imitate Joel from the game too rigidly. Under certain circumstances, according to Pascal, this could be a bug. For this reason, Ramsey may have gotten the tip to do without video games for the time being.

And another small detail leaked: Ramsey received a small dedication from his colleague at the end of the shoot, as he recalled in the last interview: “Pedro [Pascal] wrote me a note at the end that said: How interesting it is that something so big and life changing should happen so early in your life and so late in mine. I thought it was a really nice comment and I enjoyed it very much ”.

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The “The Last of Us” series is in this country airing on Sky next year and covers the events of the first game. Contents of the sequel may also appear.

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