After the accusations in the documentary ARD: the coach DSV announces the dismissal without warning

After the accusations in the documentary ARD
DSV trainer announces termination without notice

Lutz Buschkow has been one of the leading coaches of the German Swimming Association for many years. But after the allegations in an ARD documentary, Buschkow came under pressure. First he is suspended, now he is apparently fired without warning.

According to his own statements, longtime national water jump coach Lutz Buschkow received an unannounced dismissal from the German Swimming Federation (DSV). “The DSV board terminated my employment contract on October 14, 2022 without notice. I will take legal action against this extraordinary termination without notice together with my lawyer,” explained Buschkow. The swimming association has not yet been reached for comment. Journalist Hajo Seppelt initially reported on the trial via Twitter, citing an internal email.

65-year-old Buschkow was initially suspended in August over the abuse of former world-class jumper Jan Hempel. In an ARD documentary titled “Abused – Sexualized Violence in German Swimming,” Hempel first made public the allegations of sexual abuse against his longtime coach Werner Langer, who died in 2001. As a result, Langer had passed away from 1982 to 1996 at the 1996 Olympic silver medalist in Atlanta.

In the film, Hempel, now 51, accused DSV and Buschkow of learning about the allegations in 1997 but doing nothing decisive. At the time, Buschkow told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” that he only found out about the allegations in August, when the documentation was published. According to Hempel, Buschkow would have been informed of the incidents by the national team manager at the time.

“I can’t confirm that,” Buschkow said in August. In 1997 he was coach of the youth national team and sighting at the federal base in Berlin. “I did some research for myself and what I can say is that we, as coaches of the DSV at the German Championships in Berlin in 1997, were informed in an official conversation by Ulla Klinger that, due to personal differences, Frank Taubert has had to leave Jan Hempel with the immediate effect he will train, “said Bushkov. “We haven’t been told anything else.”

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