According to the leak, some studios are already receiving development kits for new models

The first PS5 Pro development kits are rumored to have made it to many AAA studios already.

While the PS5 hasn’t made it to everyone’s home yet, Sony is probably already working on the next model in the background, similar to what happened with Microsoft’s PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. This is not a completely new console generation, but rather technically updated and higher quality versions of the original generation.

Sony has not yet confirmed the existence of the upgrade versions, but according to a well-known GTA insider there should now be solid evidence that the console is currently in development.

Dev Kit coming to AAA Studios

Because it’s? As reported by Tez2 in the GTA forum, it is said that most of the AAA studios have already received the development kits for the console update. By early 2023 at the latest, all larger development studies should be provided. Dev Kits are there to adapt games to new hardware as they develop. Consequently, the new consoles are expected to be released in the near future.

How safe is it? When asked if Tez2 is just speculating or is it safe, he replies that it is “very safe”. However, this is by no means proof that the PS5 Pro is on the way.

You can read all the rumors about a possible PS5 Pro in the following overview:

All the rumors about the possible strongest model


PS5 Pro

All the rumors about the possible strongest model

Aside from that, a few weeks ago famed leaker Tom Henderson also reported that Sony is working on a model with a completely new feature: a future PS5 could no longer come in two versions but instead with a removable drive. He doesn’t clarify if Tez2 means the same model upgrade or another Pro model.

All information on Tom Henderson’s report can be found here:

Sony is likely planning a new PS5 model with a removable drive


Loss of PS5

Sony is likely planning a new PS5 model with a removable drive

Possible release in 2023/2024

When could the new models arrive? Thanks to a report, we already know that the release for the successor models of PS5 and Xbox Series X / S will come at some point. in 2023 or 2024 it could be. But there is still no confirmation from Sony and Microsoft, so this is not official information.

As with all rumors, we should take this with extreme caution. Due to the lack of consoles in the current generation, Sony may still delay its plans. So we can be curious when the new models hit the market.

How interested are you in the PS5 successor?

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