50 Seconds Star Trek Discovery: Show a lot, say a little

US film studio Paramount released a small insight into the evolution of the Star Trek universe at Comic Con, which is currently taking place in New York. Dark and technical atmosphere, fragments of dialogue, faces full of meaning, rapid flights in the dusty desert air, explosions, drawn guns, oriental atmospheres and a Rubik’s cube of milk chocolate.

A firework of impressions, as usual in the teasers, with which film studios dare to whet the appetite of the public without revealing too much at the same time. This is the fifth season of Star Discovery, one of the youngest offshoots of the space utopia imagined by Gene Roddenberry in the 60s. After the few words that can be heard in the trailer, the protagonist Michael Burnham embarks in search of the greatest treasure in the known universe.

It is not yet clear when the fifth season of “Discovery” will start in Germany. It will likely be shown on the Paramount + internal streaming platform, which will be launched on the internet in this country next December. Another branch of Star Trek is already planned for them called “Strange New Worlds”, in which a certain Captain Christopher Pike is expected to lead the Enterprise.

The internet is full of hot IT news and outdated PR0n. In between there are always gems that are too good for / dev / null.

Another wild growth in the universe of the franchise called Star Trek has even sent out a third trailer these days. Veteran Jean-Luc Picard wants to fly back into space in a third season, solve problems and for that he needs a spaceship. In keeping with the advanced age of those folks who fell in love with the philosophers in the captain’s chair in the 1980s, this trailer is much more enjoyable and shows some familiar faces that have aged with it.

In the US, the latest and probably the last season of “Star Trek: Picard” can be seen from mid-February. Also on Paramount +, which constantly strives to further surpass the complexity of the Star Wars world on competing channel Disney +.


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