3,600 euros net is no longer enough

Germans fear for their economic existence: record inflation and skyrocketing energy prices create problems for citizens. A dramatic warning from the savings bank shows just how serious the situation is. Savings melt, there is a risk of impoverishment.

At the gas station, at the supermarket or when visiting a restaurant: The Prices in Germany are skyrocketing. Recently, inflation even surpassed double digits and was at 10%. Similar to slow-spreading mold, the effects of the inflationary wave only become noticeable over time. The Savings Bank describes how bad it will be for Germans if record inflation continues with a depressing numerical example.

Sparkasse warns of the impact of inflation and energy prices

Families with net income of less than € 3,600 According to Sparkasse’s calculations, they currently have No money left over at the end of the month and the need to access their savings to fill financial gaps (source: FAZ). that I am 60 percent of private householdssaid Helmut Schlewies, president of the German savings banks and the Giro Association.

Put simply: more than that Half of private households in Germany are running out of money! They have to tap into their savings to cover their monthly expenses. A horror number that will probably be unique in the history of the Federal Republic.

The demands that the head of the savings bank makes to politicians are equally clear. the it must primarily target these income groups in its aid packages. Because in families that have made ends meet so far, there is a strong need for investment – key word energy efficiency and Co. Furthermore, the increased pressure to save could also extend to other sectors of the economy, such as gastronomy or services.

With a balcony power plant, electricity costs can be reduced:

Save on gas heating and water consumption

One way to save is to heat. From 1 October, for example, the control of gas heating is mandatory, which should cost between 100 and 150 euros. But there is a cost trap lurking here. But there is also great savings potential when it comes to water consumption. Ikea recently unveiled a new atomizing nozzle that is said to reduce consumption by up to 95%. It is not yet known when the maximum gas price announced will arrive.

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